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Small Gift bag idea's
This is a gift bag option for those who are throwing a house warming party or fund raiser.  we can customize a selection of teas for  your party  to be placed in your gift bags.
item  quantity  50~150+ pieces to  custom range

Price : $ 80.00 ~TBD
The Mahayana Tea Shop    Service Menu
Our Tea and coffee gift baskets are prepared by hand at your request to fit any budget or party style. From weddings to birthdays to fund raisers we have gift ideas ranging in all sizes and budget. we  prepare  our basket and bags with care to ensure our customers enjoy the best experience possible. Casual, everyday style made from fresh gourmet Tea's & coffee's from around the world.
The  Small Gift Basket
This gift basket contains a short selection of tea's  or coffee's personally selected for the season.  we can customize it by weight & Budget

Price : $ 120.00 ~TBD
The Large Gift Basket
This gift basket contains a Large selection of tea's or coffee's personally selected for the season. we can customize it by weight & Budget​

Price : $ 250.00 ~TBD
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