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About The Mahayana Tea Shop L.L.C
​About the name:
        The word Mahayana is derived from Sanskrit and is a term mainly used in reference to a tradition of Buddhist philosophy. it is actual two words in one Maha & Yana . Maha means great or larger and Yana means vehicle or conveyance. as a tribute to the objectives of the Buddhist ideology the MahaYana tea Shop is deriving the greater way to enjoying and attaining Relaxation.
    The Mahayana Tea shop taken from it’s official name is a Buddhist traditional tea shop and distribution service. although we service much , much more. The Mahayana tea shop is a full service organic gourmet tea and free trade organic gourmet coffee distributor. Our Teas are imported from china ,Japan, India, Thailand, Nepal to name a few countries and are of the highest gourmet quality. 
Our customers may not know what gourmet quality is. We here at the Mahayana Tea Shop are poised to share our love , knowledge and expertise of organic gourmet free trade tea & coffee.           
            The Mahayana Tea Shop is a online distributor and a Limited Liability Tea Corporation operating in the state of new jersey since 2012. The business offer's a international variety of teas and coffee to the local residents and commercial accounts for local business . 
           We are primary E-company and expect to be in full operation in summer 2013. Our easy to use retail store for convenience is located in our commerce store. By summer 2019 , we hope to open a brick and mortar store front. As of 2012 there is no company in jersey city that carries such an international variety of tea's and coffee's that can service both retail and corporate customers.  
           Our current goal is to establish a well located store front in Jersey City close to both public transportation and local eateries. Remember our motto "Our Scale's Alway's Tip In Your Flavor"
        This is a test website mainly for presentation and landing page for our E-commerce  front and public relations. our hope is that our website will bring you to a partnership with our business. Our website is under constant construction at all times and may contain errors or faulty language. please be patient we are making constant improvements.
        We do except donations if you would like to donate to the opening of a actual store for our business please email us for instructions.
        we personally facilitate the negotiation of the best products from the best distributors in the world for the best price for the mutual benefit of our customers. as such we personally review each product to ensure we bring the best quality from all locations and distributors available.
​   we do not carry a on site or in house inventory, all our products are shipped directly to you from our main distributor . for further questions or to setup an appointment please email us .
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